Nameless Boy  (2015, Orchises Press)


“It’s not just the way a Goetsch poem progresses from comedy to wisdom but the wonderfully tricky route it often takes getting there, moving from the truly bizarre or bizarrely commonplace through intersections of hilarity and cerebral brilliance to collide finally with some elusive truth that Socrates might have discovered by badgering people to death on the streets of Athens.”
– B.H. Fairchild


Your Whole Life (2007, Slipstream Press)

“‘Have you ever felt the world was full of edges?’ Goetsch asks, and he can’t keep himself from going right to those edges… The result is a poetry that is unforgiving, moving, and often very funny.”
– Jeffrey Harrison


Nobody’s Hell (1999, Hanging Loose Press)

“…a poet of subtle technical skill and wicked good humor.”
– Robert McDowell

“What draws me to Doug Goetsch’s poems is his fine eye for detail, but what keeps me is his ear and voice; tender yet aware, ironic, but open.”
– Cornelius Eady

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